Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blue Star Jets: Luxury Travel Revolutionized

Blue Star Jets: Luxury Travel Revolutionized

As a response to the ever-evolving needs of their clientele, Blue Star Jets, one of the world’s largest private aircraft charter brokers, recently launched the world’s first website for travelers seeking to share the cost of private jet charter— the ShareAJet Exchange.

As the first site of its kind, the ShareAJet Exchange introduces travelers to flying privately together, helping clients connect with other flyers planning trips to similar destinations and arrange to share flights aboard a specific private aircraft. If a trip to the desired destination is not posted, clients may also upload their own travel plans with the aim of matching that with another traveler. Such a public, socially-interactive marketplace allows for clients to plan trips together. The ShareAJet Exchange will prove ideal for travel agents, flight departments, and jet charter companies, as well as corporations seeking to save up to 50% on jet travel.

Blue Star Jets was founded in April 2001 when business partners, Todd Rome and Richard Sitomer, sought to capitalize on the inefficiencies of the private jet marketplace. As their motto states, ANY JET, ANY TIME, ANY PLACE™, Blue Star Jets grants clients freedom from the financial constraints of fractional jet ownership, the savings of paying only for trips taken, and the flexibility to choose the best aircraft according to a trip’s specific budget requirement.

This past fall, as the economy suffered a significant downturn, Blue Star Jets’ clients began inquiring if they could share private aircrafts flights in order to lessen costs— jet-setters are seeking to maintain their luxury lifestyle, while embracing a new economic reality. As these requests grew, it became evident that Blue Star Jets possessed the volume to launch such a program. Holding access to an extensive network of private aviation operators, the Blue Star Jets team of travel specialists negotiates competitive pricing for every flight; in turn, with such savings components in place, the ShareAJet Exchange slashes an already lowered cost, resulting in unprecedented pricing for the private aviation industry.

As Blue Star Jets granted travelers unmatched access to the private aviation industry through its centralization of the charter business, eliminating the need for fractional jet ownership, the ShareAJet Exchange will once again lower the barrier of entry for travelers into the marketplace as it brings down the costs of private aviation by up-to-50%. For example, a private aircraft flight on a Gulfstream jet from New York City to Los Angeles currently retails for as low as $25,000; through the ShareAJet Exchange, that price could be as low as $16,000. ShareAJet Exchange opens the private aviation market to travelers who have previously solely flown commercial, as this Blue Star Jets program helps to lower private aviation costs, so that they rival the price of a first-class commercial aircraft ticket. In addition to being financially savvy, the ShareAJet Exchange also keeps with environmentally-conscious efforts, as carbon emissions are lessened through shared flights.

This summer, Blue Star Jets expects an increase in demands for flights, from Southampton to the South of France, as the travel season hastens. Additionally the popularity of major travel destinations during specific times throughout the year – Los Angeles during award season, England for the Wimbledon Championships and Royal Ascot, Switzerland for Art Basel, France for the Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival, and St. Barts and South Florida during the holiday season – will prove essential for travelers seeking to match itineraries with other flyers.

The operators providing service for Blue Star Jets’ clients must meet the most stringent of standards set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); additionally, Blue Star Jets offers aircraft that have been independently audited for safety, as well as their respective safety reports, to clients.

Blue Star Jets establishes the standard for private aircraft service, as its broker relationship sets it apart from competitors. Blue Star Jets does not manage or operate aircraft on behalf of their clients; however the company assists clientele in finding the best operators for any aircraft. Its staff of aviation specialists solicits competitive bids on each flight request, passing the savings to their clients. Blue Star Jets’ aviation specialists are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

As a subsidiary of Blue Star Jets, ShareAJet Exchange has the capability to review and manage Part 135 Carriers, each meeting the most stringent of standards of the Federal Aviation Administration, while continuing to offer quality services to clients, as ShareAJet Exchange users will also benefit from all Blue Star Jets luxury travel partnerships.

Blue Star Jets offers four different membership cards and programs for clients to take advantage, based on their own personal needs and schedules. The Sky Card Membership program benefits anyone flying at least five times a year, granting Blue Star Jets’ flyers the opportunity to ‘lock-in’ a plane at an attractive price. As a SkyCard holder, members are entitled to receive one-way pricing at time-and-a-half, rather than pay for the aircraft to be returned to its point of departure.

For New Yorkers, Blue Star Jets in 2009 presents The Hamptons Heli-Card and the 25hr Ranger Card. While the East End is known as a luxurious, relaxing summertime getaway, the commute from the city to the Hamptons along the I-495 is anything but – unless traveling with Blue Star Jets. The Hamptons Heli-Card is perfect for those who are looking for their commute to be as stress-free as their weekend. As a response to the ever-evolving needs of their clients, Blue Star Jets has developed a new alternative for regular summertime helicopter users who commute from New York City to the Hamptons – the 25hr Jet Ranger Card. This card allows travelers a number of flights at a great value – travelers are not required to cover the costs of repositioning the helicopters, rather they are only charged for the time spent aboard the aircraft. The 25hr Jet Ranger Card is perfect for New Yorkers, unsure of the number or dates of their upcoming trips out East.

Blue Star Jets proves they have truly thought of everything with the Camp Card. To east the stresses of summer camp preparations for New York families – shopping trips for summer supplies, hours of packing and tearful goodbyes – Blue Star Jets has developed a private aviation program to make the travel between New York City and children’s summer camp sites. The card allows parents and their children to travel comfortably on Greeting Day, Visiting Day, and the camp’s Closing Day with luxuries including Taittinger Champagne for parents and gourmet Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches and care packages for campers.

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