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Body & Soul Adventures - A life-changing experience

Body & Soul Adventures - A life-changing experience
March 2008

Renowned well-being program, Body & Soul Adventures, based in the enchanting rainforests of Brazil, offers clients the opportunity not only to escape from high-stress lifestyles, but also revitalize their health and regain their strength. The power of outdoor adventures coupled with an intense health and fitness program, creates a truly life-altering experience. This magical and challenging sequence of daily activities helps guests to relax and unwind. Owner Michael Mitchell invites guests to partake in this once-in-a-lifetime experience—enjoy rainforest hiking, sea kayaking, yoga, surfing, snorkeling, a complementary daily massage, aromatherapy, evening entertainment and a low calorie diet, all guaranteed to tone bodies and clear minds.

Body & Soul Adventures offers the ultimate solution for those who are looking for a jumpstart to get in shape, need a few days to de-stress or simply want to shed a few pounds. Through intense exercise, adventure and fun, Body & Soul Adventures challenge individuals’ to find and push their personal limits, bringing on the thrill of having accomplished something that was never imagined possible. By embracing and expanding on a philosophy of healthy living, the program provides a life-transforming, active travel and spa experience. It offers a break from the stress of work and career responsibilities, makes clients feel better about themselves, and creates a fresh environment to make new friends.

The program includes a nutritionally balanced diet, contributing to an improved quality of life, consistent weight control, a stable psychological state, better cardiovascular health, increased muscle mass and detox. Body & Soul Adventures has carefully selected the best trails and beaches in Paraty, Brazil as an integral part of this complete experience of exercise, diet, and relaxation in a serene and natural environment. The outcome? A quantum leap into physical and mental well-being.

Three new programs have been added this year—the Yoga Adventure, Dance Adventure and Ilha Grande Extreme. The Yoga Adventure allows clients to deepen their practice of yoga while experiencing the beauty of the Brazilian rainforest and tropical beaches. The retreat program is led by experienced and charismatic guest teachers who refresh guests’ spirits.
Body & Soul Adventures’ Dance Adventure is for those who are looking to learn Brazilian style dancing. This unique adventure combines daily dance lessons of Samba, Forró and Capoeira with yoga, rainforest hiking, and kayaking.

The Ilha Grande Extreme Adventure leads guests on a no-frills 100km adventure around the carefree island paradise. Hike the magnificent island for an unforgettable adventure.
Body & Soul Adventures proves that adventure does not necessarily mean a lack of comfort. Tastefully decorated in beautiful surroundings, this modern, comfortable and relaxing hotel is where guests are pampered and cared for after the day’s grueling activities. Both superior and basic suites are available. The suites are airy and spacious, and Wi-Fi connection is offered in all rooms.

Body & Soul Adventures
145 Rua Prisciliana Soares, Apt. 31
Campinas, CEP 13025-080
Tel: 1-877-627-8431

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